Anfield Consulting posts $2.4M in 2018 earnings

Published // February 21, 2019

Tallahassee consulting shop Anfield Consulting finished strong last year, clearing $2.4 million lobbying the state government.

Managing partner Albert Balido and lobbyists Frank BernardinoEdgar Fernandez and Stephen Pepper Uchino juggled the needs of 46 clients in 2018, reeling in an estimated $1.8 million lobbying lawmakers and $560,000 lobbying the Governor and Cabinet.

That total includes a $590,000 haul for the last three months of the year — $440,000 via legislative lobbying and another $150,000 via executive branch lobbying.

Florida lobbyists report their earnings from each principal in ranges covering $10,000 increments. Florida Politics uses the median dollar amount in each range to estimate earnings.

The sum of their four 2018 reports shows the Indian River County Board of County Commissioners was their top overall client. The governing body contributed $100,000 to their annual total for help in the Legislature, with another $60,000 paid for executive lobbying.

Looking only at Anfield’s legislative reports, Parsons Brinckerhoff (formerly known as WSP) was their top paid contract by a mile with $140,000 paid, though the global engineering firm wasn’t among the team’s executive clients.

There were two other principals who broke the century mark: California-based Renew Financial and West Palm Beach-based Florida Crystals Corporation. The former chipped in $130,000 for the year while the firm reeled in $120,000 from the latter.

The quadriga’s new earnings reports shows significant quarter-over-quarter growth when comared to their $555,000 performance in Q3.

Their best quarter in 2018 was the first, thought that’s consistent with most other lobbying firms since the January through March reported period covered the whole of the 2018 Legislative Session.

Adding up the max compensation figures for each of Anfield’s 45 legislaitve and 46 executive contracts shows the firm could have earned as much as $4.6 million in 2018.

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The statewide association represents more than 140,000 teachers and school support professionals in the state. While Florida teachers are shaping the minds of young Floridians, Ronald BilbaoCatherine BoehmeTina DunbarLuke FlyntFedrick IngramJoanne McCallSharon NesvigEric RileyLynda RussellJacqueline SistoKevin Watson, and Jeff Wright are watching out for Florida’s teachers.

And when the FEA needs an extra hand, it turns to Albert Balido with Anfield Consulting and Ron Meyer at Florida Legislative Associates.

Anfield Consulting collects $655K in first quarter

The firm’s new legislative and executive lobbying reports, filed last week, each show 42 clients with the bulk of those earnings coming in through its efforts before the Legislature — using median compensation numbers, Anfield showed $505,000 in legislative earnings and $150,000 in the executive. The split shifts to $660,000 on the legislative side and $290,000 on the executive side at the top end.

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“Everybody in this room and everybody that works with everyone (in this room) knows we have a problem,” said Bernardino during the 2016 Associated Industries of Florida Water Forum. “As someone who is an advocate, I don’t have to go to any member to convince them we have issues. So why is it from year-to-year we make small progress toward the goal, but we don’t manage to get there.”

State budget includes $500K for Flagler Beach wastewater plant

“Flagler Beach is extremely appreciative of Rep. Renner and Sen. Hutson for getting this where it is,” Newsom said during an interview Tuesday.

During the recently concluded legislative session, Newsom traveled to Tallahassee three times to meet with Renner, Hutson, Gov. Rick Scott’s staff and the city’s lobbyist, Anfield Consulting Group.

Personnel note: Anfield Consulting adds Miami-Dade water expert Edgar Fernandez

Fernandez brings more than 25 years of legislative experience, including 16 years with Miami-Dade County. His most recent role was as senior assistant overseeing policy and governmental affairs for the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.

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Issues: The powerful trial lawyers group engages in regular battle each session against the Florida Chamber, the insurance industry and other special interests. In 2013, the group was successful in fending off reforms to the state's bad faith laws, which allows individuals to sue their insurance company if they believe the insurer acted fraudulently or in "bad faith" while defending or settling a claim.

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It was also an opportunity for Flagler County’s representatives in Tallahassee, Rep. Paul Renner and Sen. Travis Hutson, to carry some water for their constituents after supporting some other legislative issues that most Flagler County residents oppose, especially when it comes to regulation of short-term rentals.